Water Walking Boots are an accessory in Terraria that allow players to move across both water and honey without sinking, and indeed they can be found in Water and Ocean Chests. That said, Water Walking Boots are somewhat rare in Re-Logic's acclaimed sandbox game, and this may leave some players searching for a Terraria 1.4 seed where they can obtain a pair. Providing such a Terraria 1.4 Water Walking Boots seed is exactly the purpose of this guide, and all of the relevant details can be found below.

To start, here is what players should enter at world creation in order to access this Terraria 1.4 Water Walking Boots seed:


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Updated November 24th, 2021 by Russ Boswell: There are a ton of useful items for players to find in Terraria but Water Walking Boots are some of the most helpful thanks to their ability to traverse oceans. Players can also transform them to allow them to walk on Lava. Thankfully, players have done a lot of digging and come across an array of Terraria Water Walking Boots seeds to guide gamers to the helpful item. To give players a better idea of the best Terraria Water Walking Boots seeds as well as some handy notes on what they're used for, the following list has been updated.

  • World Seed: 23093324
  • World Size: Small
  • World Type: Classic
  • World Evil: Crimson

After players have entered these details and generated the world, they can then proceed to locate Terraria's Water Walking Boots. This is done by heading west, and fans will find the chest that holds this accessory at 3946' West, 126' Surface. For those players that do not have a Compass in Terraria 1.4, the following video will provide a visual reference for navigating to the Water Walking Boots that are housed in this seed.

To note, Water Walking Boots can not be used to walk on top of lava in Terraria, but players can combine them with a Molten Charm to create Lava Waders, which do have that ability. However, before fans can get a Molten Charm they will first need to find a Lava Charm, and this Terraria 1.4 Lava Charm seed will make it very easy for players to do just that. Additionally, this seed contains a pair of Ice Skates, making it a very worthwhile world to explore.

For fans that are looking to pickup items beyond accessories, this Terraria 1.4 Enchanted Sword seed may be of interest. As many players will know, an Enchanted Sword is required to craft Zenith, and this seed will help fans get one step closer to obtaining this new final sword. The seed also contains a Starfury, and while that may not be as desirable as an Enchanted Sword, some players may still be interested in trying out this star-shooting weapon.

Other World Seeds That Contain Water Walking Boots

terraria water walking boots seed

The above seed isn't the only location in which players can find Water Walking Boots. Players have had ample time to sift through Terraria's latest version and many of them are finding their own Water Walking Boots while exploring. For anyone that would like a "guaranteed pair" of these useful boots but also wants a different world-look and feel than the one above can try the following seeds.

Seed: 1851467766 (World Size: Small, World Type: Classic, World Evil: Corruption)

Players who enter this seed can find the Water Walking Boots by heading left from spawn until they encounter the Ocean. The chest containing the boots can be located at 3873 blocks west, approximately 40 blocks underground. Players will need to swim to locate the Water Walking Boots in this instance.

Seed: 550749776 (World Size: Small, World Type: Classic, World Evil: Corruption)

This pair of Water Walking Boots is closer to spawn but much further underground, and its placement in the Jungle biome makes it a dangerous trek for some. Those that are willing to take the risk can head 2320 blocks East of Spawn and then plunge 134 blocks underground. The chest will show up inside an underground pond at these coordinates.

Terraria is out now on PC, PS3, Xbox 360, iOS, PS Vita, PS4, Xbox One, 3DS, and Switch.

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