There are 3 important bars to consider when playing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - the red health bar, the blue magicka bar, and the green stamina bar. Depending on the Dragonborn's desired playthrough build, the importance of these colored meters will vary.

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For warriors and rogues, stamina is the most crucial for offense, as this bar dictates how many physical attacks and power attacks the player can make as well as how much they can sprint and a few other factors. Since it is vital to executing the strongest of attacks and in moving around the world at optimal speeds, stamina is a resource that is always required. Thankfully, there are quite a few ways to keep or recover this quantification of the Dragonborn's vigor.


Allow Stamina To Regenerate Over Time

Player sprinting down a road in Skyrim

The simplest and most straightforward method to recovering stamina requires no effort at all; in fact, it is the lack of doing things that benefits the player in this regard. When the Dragonborn isn't sprinting, fighting, or otherwise exerting themselves, their stamina bar will replenish naturally.

The rate at which this happens will vary depending on one's equipment and active effects, however, simply laying back and relaxing is the best way to let that precious green bar fill back up. That is, if one is not in the middle of a fight.

Grab The Respite Perk In Restoration

Player casting Restoration spell

For those who are heading down the Restoration school of magic, it could be useful to pick up a perk that will restore one's stamina in addition to their health. This handy perk is called Respite and it requires 40 points in the Restoration skill as well as the prerequisite perk called Novice Restoration to be acquired.

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Trading magicka for both health and stamina may not be the ideal strategy for most mage builds, though, it can be immensely helpful for warriors, rogues, and hybrid builds of all kinds who rely on stamina more than magicka.

Eat Certain Foods To Restore Stamina

Skyrim various consumable items on a table

There are a ton of food items in Skyrim, and each has different effects. Most are simple and convenient ways to recover health, however, there are a bunch that can do the same for stamina as well. There are 13 kinds of food that help to reenergize a player's vigor and each has varying effects that will determine when and how the Dragonborn should consume them:

  • Spiced Wine: restores 25 stamina (damages stamina regeneration by 30 points for 50 seconds)
  • Mead with Juniper Berry: restores 20 stamina (damages stamina regeneration by 30 points for 40 seconds)
  • Apple Cabbage Stew: restores 15 stamina
  • Horker Stew: restores 15 stamina (plus health-related benefits)
  • Mammoth Cheese Bowl: restores 15 stamina (plus health-related benefits)
  • Venison Stew: restores 15 stamina and recover 1 additional stamina per second for 720 seconds (plus health-related benefits)
  • Horker and Ash Yam Stew [Dragonborn DLC]: restores 12 stamina (plus health-related benefits)
  • Cabbage Potato Soup: restores 10 stamina (plus health-related benefits)
  • Clam Chowder [Hearthfire DLC]: restores 10 stamina (plus health-related benefits)
  • Potato Soup: restores 10 stamina (plus health-related benefits)
  • Tomato Soup: restores 10 stamina (plus health-related benefits)
  • Cabbage Soup:  restores 8 stamina (plus health-related benefits)
  • Long Taffy Treat:  restores 5 stamina (plus health-related benefits)

Level Up For A Free Full-Restore Of All Bars

skill tree in the constellation menu.

When the Dragonborn's experience meter fills up, they will gain the opportunity to level up, however, this does not need to be done immediately. In fact, players can continuously level-up multiple times without bothering to increase any of their 3 main body-resource bars or allocate their perk points.

This can be used in tougher battles for some strategic and unorthodox ways to get free refills on one's health, stamina, and magicka simultaneously.

Sleep Or Wait For Stamina To Return

Skyrim Bed

As opposed to standing around or simply going about tasks that won't exert the Dragonborn, players can use the sleep or waiting mechanics to restore stamina if regular passiveness will not do the job. At low levels, this is not worth going into the menu to perform, however, at higher levels, this is a great tactic to save some real-world time for trading in-game hours.

The higher-level characters likely have much larger stamina bars that can take considerably greater amounts of time to refill organically, which makes the waiting and sleeping indoors in a comfortable bed tactic an efficient way to get around the delay as one will only need to wait a single hour of in-game time to restore all stamina.

Walk Like The Wind With A Light Armor Perk

two sets of light armor

This method of recovering stamina is vastly more effective than most other methods, however, it is locked to the Light Armor skill. In the perk tree for this skill, there is one called Wind Walker, which grants a massive 50% passive stamina regeneration effect for players wearing all light armor.

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That is to say, the Dragonborn will need to have 4 pieces of light armor equipped for this perk to take effect: a helmet, chest armor, gauntlets, and boots. The specific set and whether they match or not makes no difference as long as they are all classified as light armor. The Wind Walker perk requires 60 points in the Light Armor skill as well as the Unhindered perk before it can be acquired.

Equip The Gauldur Amulet

part of an amulet found in a quest that grants more max stamina.

If one doesn't mind delving into an ancient Nord dungeon or 3, the Dragonborn can acquire one of the best amulets in the game for low-level players. The full Gauldur Amulet grants 30 points to one's maximum health, stamina, and magicka, however, if one does not care about obtaining all 3 pieces, or the quest that revolves around them, players can seek out the separate pieces for their unique benefits, as each piece boosts one of the 3 body resource bars.

The one that grants 30 more points of maximum stamina is the Sigdis Fragment, which is found in Geirmund's Hall, a ruin in The Rift east of Ivarstead.

many different potions on a table.

Like food, potions are a common consumable that players can find everywhere in the northernmost province of Tamriel. However, potions are much more potent in effect than their more delicious counterparts. The green ones are stamina-related and offer the best results for players seeking to enhance this bodily resource in a matter of ways, as there are 3 different kinds of quaffable emerald drinks that can be useful here, which each coming in multiple level variants:

  • Fortify Stamina
    • Potion of Enhanced Stamina: max stamina increased by 20 for 60 seconds
    • Draught of Enhanced Stamina: max stamina increased by 40 for 60 seconds
    • Solution of Enhanced Stamina: max stamina increased by 60 for 60 seconds
    • Philter of Enhanced Stamina: max stamina increased by 80 for 60 seconds
    • Elixir of Enhanced Stamina: max stamina increased by 100 for 60 seconds
  • Regenerate Stamina
    • Potion of Vigor: stamina regenerates 50% faster for 300 seconds
    • Draught of Vigor: stamina regenerates 60% faster for 300 seconds
    • Solution of Vigor: stamina regenerates 70% faster for 300 seconds
    • Philter of Vigor: stamina regenerates 80% faster for 300 seconds
    • Elixir of Vigor: stamina regenerates 100% faster for 300 seconds
  • Restore Stamina
    • Potion of Minor Stamina: restores 25 points of stamina
    • Potion of Stamina: restores 50 points of stamina
    • Potion of Plentiful Stamina: restores 75 points of stamina
    • Potion of Vigorous Stamina: restores 100 points of stamina
    • Potion of Extreme Stamina: restores 150 points of stamina
    • Potion of Ultimate Stamina: restores all stamina

Equip The Amulet Of Kynareth & Activate Shrines

amulet that increases stamina.

Despite only granting a minor boost to one's maximum stamina, the Amulet of Kynareth can still be a nice boon to one's green bar. There are a few ways to find this necklace, though all are pretty straightforward:

  • Sold by Endarie of the Radiant Raiment in Solitude
  • Found as random drops from Stormcloak soldiers, bandits, and draugrs
  • At some Shrines of Kynareth

It should also be mentioned that activating a Shrine of Kynareth will grant 25 maximum stamina for 8 hours.

Abuse The Sprint & Quicksave Bug For Infinite Stamina

player using the whirlwind sprint shout while in third person view.

For those who would rather abuse the game's many bugs and glitches instead of using non-immersion breaking methods, there is a trick that can be done with minimal effort. On PC, a bug was reported where the Dragonborn can acquire infinite stamina by confusing the game's engine with a few easy steps.

Firstly, one needs to quicksave while sprinting; then, stop sprinting and quickload simultaneously; following this, resume playing as normal and one may find that their stamina bar no longer depletes. This is a fun way to abuse mechanics in the game, however, keep in mind that different versions of Skyrim may act differently if one attempts to perform this bug.

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