Warriors in Skyrim rely heavily on their stamina to charge power attacks or line up the perfect shot with their bow. During battles against tough foes, running out of stamina can be fatal, as the Dragonborn is staggered and gasping for breath.

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Stocking up on potions, though, is a great and easy way to eliminate this hurdle. With enough Restore Stamina potions in their inventory, the player can gulp down tonics and keep fighting draugr and Forsworn for Talos knows how long. Buying potions, though, can quickly get expensive. Here's how a frugal hero can brew their own.


The Restore Stamina Effect

Skyrim Nord Warrior

Restore Stamina potions do exactly what the description says: replenish the player's stamina after they have used it. This should not be confused with the Fortify Stamina effect, however. The latter increases the total amount of stamina the player has, while Restore Stamina replenishes points up to the maximum. The higher the player's alchemy level, the more stamina a potion will restore.


There are a wide variety of ingredients in Skyrim that bear the Restore Stamina effect. Some are easier to find than others, and more worth the player's time to track down. However, if players have the Septims and want to save some time, they can purchase any of these reagents (except for the DLC exclusives) from alchemy merchants.

Easy To Find

Purple mountain flower (left), mudcrab (right)

These ingredients are all fairly common and not too hard to track down. If the Dragonborn needs to farm potion ingredients quickly, these are good go-tos for Restore Stamina.

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  • Bear Claws: Players can find these on the carcasses of killed bears, which may attack anywhere in Skyrim's wilderness. They're particularly common around Riften and Dawnstar.
  • Charred Skeever Hide: In various encampments throughout the world, players may find a skeever spit-roasting over a fire. Examine these ill-fated rodents to snag this item.
  • Eye of Sabre Cat: Looted from killed sabre cats. These ferocious creatures often roam the plains around Whiterun and Rorikstead.
  • Mudcrab Chitin: Every player has encountered these cranky crustaceans along Skyrim's riverbeds. Kill them to loot this ingredient.
  • Orange Dartwing: These dragonfly-like insects often hover over rivers and ponds. They move quickly, so players need quick reflexes to catch them.
  • Purple Mountain Flower: These little blossoms grow all over Skyrim's wilderness, especially in temperate areas like Whiterun and Falkreath.
  • Sabre Cat Tooth: Like the eyes, players can loot these from sabre cats.
  • Torchbug Thorax: Players can find these glowing insects almost everywhere at night. They're especially common around Riften and Solitude.

A Bit Harder To Find

beehive (left), histcarp (right)

These ingredients are relatively easy to come by, but require a bit more legwork or preparation than the ones above. However, the sustainable ingredient supply is worth it for dedicated alchemists.

  • Bee: Several of these buzzing insects can be found around Riften, and Honeystrand Cave is a good sources as well. If the player has the Hearthfire DLC and has purchased Lakeview Manor in-game, they can construct an apiary to produce a consistent supply of bees.
  • Honeycomb: Find this ingredient in beehives, found wherever bees are swarming. If the player has the apiary mentioned above, they can harvest Honeycomb here as well.
  • Histcarp: These fish swim in ponds and streams; Lake Ilinalta and the Riften Fisheries are good places to look. If the player has purchased Windstad Manor in Hearthfire, they can breed Histcarp in a fish hatchery.
  • Netch Jelly: Exclusive to the Dragonborn DLC, this ingredient is looted off of netches. These creatures aren't easy to kill, but players can also purchase or steal it from Milore Ieneth in Raven Rock.
  • Salmon Roe: To get this ingredient, players must catch salmon that are swimming up waterfalls; salmon in still water will not yield roe. Alternatively, players can breed salmon in a fish hatchery, and kill them to harvest roe.
  • Silverside Perch: These can be found in many of the same locations as Histcarp. Like other fish, players can breed them in a fish hatchery.

Difficult To Find

Pearl (left), wispmother (right)

Players may stumble across these in their travels, in which case they can be used for a Restore Stamina potion. However, they're generally not worth spending hours to hunt down; generally, players will find them due to chance or in an alchemy shop.

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  • Hawk Beak: To snag these, shoot down one of the hawks that circle the skies in and around SolitudeHowever, this can be tricky, and stray arrows won't be well-received by the public.
  • Large Antlers: These can be found on elk and deer, which wander Skyrim's forests. However, it can be tricky to hunt these creatures, as they will instantly flee upon sighting the player.
  • Pearl: Players cannot reliably search for these, as they only appear in set locations and as random drops. They may appear on the bodies of high-level hostile mages, or in the homes of powerful mages.
  • Pine Thrush Egg: Loot these from birds' nests in eastern Skyrim. Players can also find them in various homes throughout the realm.
  • Powdered Mammoth Tusk: This very rare ingredient may be found in apothecary satchels or on high-level, magic-wielding enemies.
  • Small Pearl: As with the Pearl, players have to rely on chance or predetermined locations to find these. Most are in locations associated with high-level magic users.
  • Wisp Wrappings: Looted from Wispmothers, which can only be found in specific locations.

Compatible Effects

many different potions on a table.

Creating potions with more than one effect is a great way for players to buff themselves in battle. As far as Restore Stamina potions go, using a Hawk Beak alongside Purple Mountain Flower will add a Resist Frost effect to the mixture, preventing further stamina loss. Including Snowberries in this brew will add Resist Shock as well, creating a potion that's perfect for warriors going up against mages.

With this many ingredients, there's a wide array of effect combinations available. Eye of Sabre Cat and Charred Skeever Hide will restore health as well as stamina; Bear Claws and Small Pearl will add Fortify One-Handed. Don't be afraid to experiment — it could lead to an incredible concoction!

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