Magicka is the substance in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim that is responsible for all the most incredible, mystical events. It is because of this, and many other reasons, why this body-linked resource is that which the Dragonborn uses to cast spells.

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As it is vital for all mages, as well as other builds that make use of magicka-based skills, the player in Skyrim will usually want as much of this blue-bar filling essence as possible. There are quite a few ways to maximize the magicka bar, increase the rate at which it regenerates, and even restores flat amounts of the blue bar with the aid of outside intervention.


Updated on November 20, 2021, by Reyadh Rahaman: Magicka in The Elder Scrolls is not just some blue pixels in a meter in the bottom left of the screen. While that is how it is represented in-game, the lore of where magicka comes from is deep and complex. There are different theories on where magicka came from, however, there has never been a conclusive answer given to players. As such, gamers can get some insight into Skyrim's worldbuilding while also coming up with their own idea.

Drink Blue Potions To Enhance Magicka Potential

many different potions on a table.

Thankfully, everything in Skyrim is color-coded for mostly easy identification. Blue means magicka, therefore these are the colored vials and bottles to seek out. There are even multiple variations that embolden one's blue bar in different manners, such are fortifying it, regenerating it, and restoring it. Furthermore, these effects come at different tiers depending on the potion in question, making for a ton of ways to stay full on magicka that can be found in shops, created by Alchemy, or looted. Here's a list of them:

  • Fortify Magicka
    • Potion of Extra Magicka: max magicka increased by 20 for 60 seconds
    • Draught of Extra Magicka: max magicka increased by 40 for 60 seconds
    • Solution of Extra Magicka: max magicka increased by 60 for 60 seconds
    • Philter of Extra Magicka: max magicka increased by 80 for 60 seconds
    • Elixir of Extra Magicka: max magicka increased by 100 for 60 seconds
  • Regenerate Magicka
    • Potion of Lasting Potency: magicka regenerates 50% faster for 300 seconds
    • Draught of Lasting Potency: magicka regenerates 60% faster for 300 seconds
    • Solution of Lasting Potency: magicka regenerates 70% faster for 300 seconds
    • Philter of Lasting Potency: magicka regenerates 80% faster for 300 seconds
    • Elixir of Lasting Potency: magicka regenerates 100% faster for 300 seconds
  • Restore Magicka
    • Potion of Minor Magicka: restores 25 points of magicka
    • Potion of Magicka: restores 50 points of magicka
    • Potion of Plentiful Magicka: restores 75 points of magicka
    • Potion of Vigorous Magicka: restores 100 points of magicka
    • Potion of Extreme Magicka: restores 150 points of magicka
    • Potion of Ultimate Magicka: restores all magicka

Recover Magicka By Waiting, Sleeping, Or Fast Traveling

exteriors of houses.

If the Dragonborn is not in combat, there are some easy menu-related ways to recover magicka instantly in real-time at the expense of just an hour of in-game time. Waiting anywhere, sleeping in a bed (possibly in a comfortable home), and fast traveling all allow the player to restore their magicka to full, as this essentially accelerates one's passive regeneration based on the elapsed time.

Level Up Strategically For Optimal Magicka Regain

menu with lots of stars.

As the player's experience bar fills up, the potential to raise their overall level becomes available, however, there is no need to do so immediately after they reach a higher level. Since the Dragonborn will continuously gain experience, they can save level-ups for later, if desired.

Leveling up not only lets players increase either their health, stamina, or magicka permanently, it also restores the values of all 3 to the max. This can be used strategically as full-restore heals in emergencies, such as when facing the hardest of encounters the game has to offer.

Pick A Fight To Gain More Magicka

Skyrim Brawl In Tavern

Surprisingly, magicka actually regenerates passively a lot faster while in combat; 66% faster to be exact. This is likely due to the way the game's engine processes the different states of time. Seems like an odd tactic to recover magicka, as the Dragonborn's blue bar was likely drained because of combat, however, one doesn't need to cast any spells to enter combat.

Simply walk up to something, or someone, and give them a few slaps in the face. Just make sure to pick weak targets.

Have A Snack To Get Some Magicka Back

Skyrim various consumable items on a table

There are consumables besides potions that can fortify, regenerate, or restore one's magicka points. They are not nearly as common as ones that replenish health or stamina, so be sure to hang onto, or stockpile, the ones you come across. Here are the food items in Skyrim that mages should seek out:

  • Elsweyr Fondue: regenerates 25 points of magicka per second and raises max magicka by 100 for 720 seconds
  • Homecooked Meal [Hearthfire DLC]: increases health, stamina, and magicka regeneration by 25% for 600 seconds
  • Jazbay Crostata [Hearthfire DLC]: increases max magicka by 4 points for 60 seconds
  • Lavender Dumpling [Hearthfire DLC]: increases max magicka by 10 points for 60 seconds

Use The Equilibrium Spell

Dual casting restoration and alteration for leveling up.

In the Alteration school of magic, there is a spell called Equilibrium that one can cast to sacrifice health in exchange for magicka. It transfers the red into the blue at 25 points per second, however, one should be careful as it is possible to die from draining one's own health too far.

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The spell tome that lets one learn this rare spell can be found in Labyrinthian Chasm within the same room that has the Arcane Enchanter.

Equip Items That Naturally Enhance Magicka

player wearing the robes.

There are a few pieces of gear found in the northernmost part of Tamriel that can be very useful to mages for fortifying and regenerating magicka. These are the five pieces of equipment that help in such a manner:

  • Archmage's Robes: increases max magicka by 50 points and increases magicka regeneration by 100%
  • Mage's Circlet: increases max magicka by a value between 20 and 70, depending on the player's level
  • Necromancer's Amulet: increases max magicka by 50 points
  • Savos Aren's Amulet: increases max magicka by 50 points
  • The Gauldur Amulet: increases max health, stamina, and magicka by 30 points

Rapidly Change Clothes To Gain Fortified Magicka

two mages in different robes.

Due to the way Skyrim's engine works, putting on a piece of equipment that increases one's max magicka will also cause that amount of magicka points to enter one's blue bar. This mechanic can be abused to artificially regenerate one's magicka by repeatedly taking off and putting on robes or armor that increase max magicka. Since the game pauses while in the menus, there's little risk in using this maneuver, even in combat.

Activate The Shrine Of Akatosh Or The Shrine Of Julianos

shrine to akatosh and a shrine to julianos.

Calling upon the aid of the divines is also an option if more magicka is desired. Activating the Shrine of Akatosh will grant 10% faster magicka regeneration which would be useful for players who plan to burn through a lot of spells quickly.

Alternatively, there is the Shrine to Julianos, which offers to increase the Dragonborn's max magicka for 25 points; handy for those needing to launch bigger spells. Keep in mind that only a single blessing may be active at a time, so choose wisely.

Visit The Atronach Stone

stone that grants more max magicka.

Found between the Stormcloak city of Windhelm and Riften, the home of the Thieves Guild, players can come across a strange formation conspicuously rising from the marshes and wetlands of the region. This is the Atronach Stone, which, when interacted with, can offer the player an increase to their maximum magicka by 50 points.

It also increases magicka damage absorption by 50%, though, keep in mind that there is a cost for these boons. For, when activated, the Atronach Stone also decreases the player's magicka regeneration by 50%.

Play As An Altmer Character

Skyrim Best Mods Addons Altmer High Elf

Altmer characters, also known as High Elves, are naturally a lot better at regaining magicka than other playable races. Their first special ability is Fortify Magicka, which passively increases an Altmer character's max magicka by 50.

Furthermore, if the player also happens to be a vampire that possesses the Necromage perk (from the Restoration skill tree), this boon will be increased to 62 additional max magicka. The other of the Altmer's racial special abilities is Highborn, which lets them regenerate magicka faster for 60 seconds, albeit only once per day.

Lore About Magicka

Skyrim Best Mods Altmer High Elf Apocalypse Magic Spells

In the Dawn Era, before the mortal plane was created, there were spirits of primordial power that would later be known as gods. Magnus, who became the god of magic, was instrumental in planning and creating the mortal plane that was named Mundus. However, due to the trickery of another powerful spirit named Lorkhan, Magnus had to flee to Mundus and caused a great hole to appear in the sky during his exit. This gaping hole became the sun, and it is theorized that it is from this spacial wound, as well as the stars that were made in the same way by lesser gods who entered Mundus, that magicka enters the mortal plane.

Another theory is that after Magnus came to Mundus, he somehow became the magicka that flows through everything. As a spirit that existed before physical matter, it's possible that magicka is Magnus' actual form and that he exists on the mortal plane through anything magical.

One more theory is that magicka is the life essence of the dead that lingers in the mortal plane after a being has perished. This is similar to how souls can be used as charges for enchanted weapons as well as to craft enchanted gear. However, it's a more passive way of converting life energy into power. This theory implies that all mages, in a subtle way, are unknowing necromancers.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is available on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S.

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