The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim offers players plenty to explore and discover in their playthrough. There’s little more exciting than discovering a brand-new unique item in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, and some of the game’s most powerful and fascinating items are Daedric in origin. Daedric weapons and armor are among the strongest in the game, and are definitely worth saving up Daedric hearts for. But some of the Daedric artifacts the player can loot will offer the player value beyond their strength.

Like previous Elder Scrolls games, The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim contains numerous Daedric artifacts that can serve as windows to the series deep lore, or simply offer a lot of fun. The Elder Scrolls’ Wabbajack stands as a good example of a Daedric item that is rich in lore and strong, but other items may take the cake where usefulness is concerned. Daedric items can be some of the most useful in Skyrim, offering great workarounds to problems that exist early in the game.


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Skeleton Key

Skyrim Lockpicking With Skeleton Key

Lockpicking is without a doubt one of the more useful skills the player can learn in Skyrim. By using their lockpicking skill, players can complete aspects of quests early, such as breaking into Hjerim in Blood on the Ice. While there’s also the obvious benefit of being able to unlock doors and chests in dungeons to acquire valuable items and gold. Players are given plenty of reason to join the Thieves Guild in Riften despite any moral objections. It can be frustrating running out of lockpicks while trying to pick a master lock, but there’s a good workaround to this issue that players can find through joining the Thieves Guild.

At the end of the Blindsighted quest, the player will be given Skyrim’s Skeleton Key, with instructions to return it to Nocturnal. However, if the player isn't too concerned with completing the Thieves Guild questline, they could just keep it for as long as they like. The Skeleton Key essentially acts like any other lockpick, however it is unbreakable. The simple action of lockpicks breaking and resetting can be frustrating in itself, so removing this aspect will make lockpicking a lot more rewarding - and the idea of stealing the Skeleton Key tempting. However, if the player does wish to complete the Thieves Guild questline, they could simply delay its return until their lockpicking skill is high enough to unlock The Unbreakable perk.

The Black Star

The Black Star Description From The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim

Enchanting in Skyrim can take up a large part of any players playthrough of the game, with the benefits of levelling up reaping potentially great rewards. However, it can become expensive to find the soul gems required to enchant and recharge enchanted items over time. One popular way to gather enough soul gems to enchant is to follow the College of Winterhold questline and become the Arch-Mage. However, there is a better way to effectively receive unlimited soul gems in Skyrim.

The Black Star is one Daedric item that could prove useful in Skyrim’s enchanting process. This item can be collected by completing The Black Star quest in Skyrim. This will give the player the option of either The Black Star or Azura’s Star, which are both rechargeable soul gems but of different values. The Black Star can store black souls, which are the most powerful souls in Skyrim and make for very strong enchantments. When it comes to the arcane arts, The Black Star is one of the most useful tools a player can have and is a must-have Daedric artifact in Skyrim.

Sanguine Rose

Skyrim Sanguine Rose Staff Stats

Picking a good companion in Skyrim can be tricky, as the player has to weigh a number of important factors. Companions in Skyrim can sometimes be frustrating since some are prone to dying, leaving the player to encounter dungeons by themselves, or the invulnerable ones may simply get downed a lot. The Dragonborn is a lot stronger than the majority of Skyrim’s characters, and this is highlighted when their companion enters combat. But fortunately, the Daedra have created the perfect solution to this issue with Sanguine Rose, which gives the Dragonborn a levelled Dremora to fight by their side.

The Dremora of Skyrim are some of the trickier enemies the players may face during their playthrough. As such, it's fortunate that players can summon one to fight by their side using the Sanguine Rose. Summoned Dremora will only remain for 60 seconds, but this is plenty of time to get the player out of a sticky situation. In addition, in combination with the Wabbajack, it can be used to collect Daedra hearts, which are useful in alchemy and smithing. The Sanguine Rose can be acquired at level 14 or above by completing A Night to Remember, which as the name suggests is one of the more memorable quests available. To trigger the quest to get Skyrim's Sanguine Rose, players should seek out Sam Guevenne in any tavern across Skyrim.

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Spellbreaker - Skyrim Best Rare Armor

Skyrim players will be well aware that the mages of Skyrim are some of the most annoying enemies to face in the game. While often not amounting to much of a threat to the player, it can sometimes feel as though their spells were invented simply to frustrate them and delay the inevitable. In particular, the frost spells in Skyrim are capable of nearly stopping the Dragonborn in their tracks, which may initially shake up the gameplay somewhat but also gets really old fast. This may lead to some players simply avoiding mage quests altogether, but there’s an easy fix to this.

The Spellbreaker is one of the best shields in Skyrim and stands out as an obvious choice for players looking to take on Skyrim’s more powerful mages. The shield can also prove useful for players set to take on some of Skyrim’s Draugr and Dragon Priests, as it can absorb their shouts, which may sometimes disarm or ragdoll the Dragonborn. Players can obtain Spellbreaker by completing The Only Cure, which can be unlocked at level 10 through a random encounter or level 12 by visiting Kesh at the Shrine to Peryite. The Only Cure can be frustrating, as it requires that the player fetch Daedric prince Peryite a number of items before facing a mage, but player are given one of the more useful items in Skyrim for their hard work.

Skyrim is available for PC, PS3, PS4, Switch, Xbox 360, and Xbox One, with PS5 and Xbox Series X/S versions coming on November 11, 2021.

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