Fans of Bethesda and its Elder Scrolls series know the next-level immersion Skyrim offers to its fans. The acclaimed 2011 title boasts both an interesting narrative and a massive world for players to explore. Those who prefer to explore and hunt Skyrim's various monsters might enjoy the game's more evolved combat system. The game has quite a lot of rare weapons and armors players may want to use against the province's toughest foes.

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However, those looking for a challenge might be interested in trying out some of the most mundane - yet oddly powerful - weapons in the game. In fact, those who don't want to bother looking for rare weapons might find these weapons great companions for their monster-hunting experience.

10 Orcish Weapons

Orcish Weapon - Skyrim Best Common Weapons

Players who want better weapons to use outside their Steel should rely on the easily-acquired Orcish Weapons around Skyrim. Their unique appearance is courtesy of the Orcish signature smithing techniques, alongside the usage of Orichalcum. Moreover, players can craft Orcish Items with the Orcish Smithing Perk when they level up the skill Smithing to 50.

By themselves, Orcish Weapons only trump Steel and Iron in terms of quality. However, Orcish Weapons are more lightweight compared to their Dwarven superiors. Players can also start encountering Orcish Weapons in leveled lists as early as Level 6, making Orcish Weapons a great starting upgrade to Steel Weapons.


9 Dwarven Weapons

Dwarven Weapon - Skyrim Best Common Weapons

Players with a flair for the exotic might want to get Dwarven Items - especially Dwarven Weapons - in Skyrim. As they may know, the Dwemer or Dwarves serve as the most technologically-advanced civilization to ever grace Tamriel. Unfortunately, no one knows why they have gone extinct. In fact, no one knows how to create Dwarven Metal - making it, alongside Steel, the two metals that cannot be mined. However, Dwemer ruins have a ton of ingot that players can use to craft aesthetic Dwarven Armor and Weapons.

Dwarven Weapons also become easy to come by when players reach Level 12. Moreover, players can craft their own Dwarven Weapons with the Dwarven Smithing Perk, one of the earliest unlockable Perks under Smithing.

Dwarven Weapons might belong on the lower end of the weapon rating spectrum. However, they're much better than Orcish, Steel, and Iron weapons.

8 Nordic Weapons

Nordic Weapon - Skyrim Best Common Weapons

Despite the "central" status of the Nords in Skyrim, their exclusive Nordic Items have middling statistics. In terms of weapons, Nordic Weapons match Elven Weapons in terms of strength but boast being more lightweight. As such, these weapons work well with stealth builds that require speed and mobility.

Unfortunately, despite being much lighter than Eleven Weapons, Nordic Items do require the Dragonborn DLC. Accessing these weapons may require other purchases from players. Additionally, players only need the Advanced Armors Smithing Perk in order to craft Nordic Items.

7 Elven Weapons

Elven Weapon - Skyrim Best Common Weapons

Of all materials in Skyrim, Elven Items perhaps fall along the medium-quality tier. In terms of weapons, Elven Weapons appear more inferior compared to Glass and Ebony Weapons. However, Elven Weapons appear in leveled lists as early as Level 19, making them ideal for players just experimenting with their builds. The Elven Smithing Perk just requires Smithing 30, something players can achieve easily within a few hours of gameplay.

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Guards also get a unique dialogue when players use an Elven Sword. They may ask "Nord steel not good enough for you?" when players walk by, referring to the lighter Nordic Weapons.

6 Nord Hero Weapons

Nord Hero Weapon - Skyrim Best Common Weapons

Players can encounter the Companions and the Skyforge in Whiterun just within a few hours of the base game. Interestingly, the Companions will soon grant players access to forge unique items through its forge. However, of these items, players should probably pay attention to what they could do with draugr weapons. Throughout various quests, players might encounter the undead draugr and obtain their Ancient Nord weapons. Interestingly, with the Steel Smithing Perk, players can further enhance these Ancient Nord weapons into Nord Hero counterparts.

As a result, Nord Hero Weapons have statistics that classify them as medium-quality weapons such as Nordic and Elven. However, they rank the same with Iron as the lightest weapons in the game. Nord Hero Bows have faster draw time, and the Nord Hero melee weapons have lower Stamina costs for heavy attacks.

5 Glass Weapons

Glass Weapon - Skyrim Best Common Weapons

Glass Weapons in Skyrim boast a unique green and "glassy" texture courtesy of Malachite, the rare material used to craft them. However, despite their glassy appearance, they're actually the fifth best weapon type in Skyrim based on weapon rating and damage. In turn, they fall behind Stalhrim, Ebony, Daedric, and Dragonbone Weapons. However, despite their low ranking in the damage tiers, they're one of the easiest weapon types for mid-level players to come by.

For instance, while players can craft Glass Items with the Glass Smithing Perk, they can purchase Malachite materials from various sources beginning Level 18. Glass Items appear in leveled lists beginning Level 27 and 36 for weapons and armor, respectively. Interesting, Glass Weapons are much easier to acquire despite having aesthetics similar to those of visually-appealing rare weapons.

4 Dragonbone Weapons

Dragonbone Longsword

Players who want to max out the quality of their weapons should watch out for Dragonbone weapons. They boast the highest weapon ratings and damage in the game, given their rare nature as made from dragon parts. These weapons don't appear in leveled lists. However, players can only get Dragonbone Weapons if they have installed the Dawnguard add-on. With this add-on, they can go to the Dawnguard-exclusive Soul Cairn to fight various Keepers who all wear and wield Dragon Items.

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Alternatively, players can also simply max out their Smithing skill to get the Dragon Armor Smithing Perk. With this Perk, players can also get twice as many improvements when bolstering or enchanting their Dragonbone weapons with dragon bones.

3 Stalhrim Weapons

Stalhrim Weapon - Skyrim Best Common Weapons

Despite being considerably weaker compared to Ebony, Daedric, and Dragonbone Weapons, Stalhrim Weapons do boast an element of creativity with both its aesthetic and properties. Players get access to Stalhrim with the Dragonborn DLC. Moreover, players can craft Stalhrim-based weapons via the Ebony Smithing tool. Unfortunately, while Stalhrim resources refill over time, players only have access to 19 deposits in Solstheim.

However, Stalhrim Weapons possess unique properties. For instance, they weigh less than Ebony Weapons but deal the same damage. Moreover, frost-based and chaos damage enchantments get a 25-percent boost in Stalhrim Weapons. Lastly, multiple merchants in Solstheim also sell Stalhrim Items. Unfortunately, fans do need the Dragonborn DLC to access these weapons.

2 Daedric Weapons

Daedric Battle Axe in Skyrim

Players without the Dawnguard expansion can still rely on the Daedra to forge mighty weapons for them. Those with a knack for darkness might appreciate Daedric Weapons, as they're considered the best in terms of "standard" weaponry in Skyrim. In fact, players can start obtaining Daedric Items by the time they reach Level 46. Unfortunately, despite being on a leveled list, Daedric Weapons can be extremely hard to come by.

Players who plan on crafting Daedric Weapons via the Daedric Smithing Perk needs valuable Daedric Hearts. Unfortunately, players can only obtain Daedric Hearts from slain Dremora, which are difficult enemies to fight and even much more difficult to encounter - sometimes harder to encounter compared to some bosses.

1 Ebony Weapons

Ebony Weapon - Skyrim Best Common Weapons

Despite the weapon rating and damage difference between Ebony Weapons and Dragonbone as well as Daedric Weapons, Ebony Weapons seem to be the most sensible common weapons to acquire throughout the base game. Players can start seeing Ebony Weapons from monsters beginning Level 36, and they can craft Ebony Items with the Ebony Smithing Perk.

Interestingly, despite being weaker by nature from Daedric Weapons, the Ebony War Axe and Ebony Mace are actually slightly better-performing compared to their Daedric counterparts. Given how Ebony Weapons are much easier to come by, they may just as well become the go-to powerful standard weapons of adventurers especially against some of Skyrim's toughest bosses.

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