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The Cause is a completely new Skyrim creation introduced for the first time with Anniversary Edition and serves to continue the storyline of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. The Mythic Dawn cult resurfaces in Skyrim, and the player is tasked with investigating the cult's activity and uncovering the true plans of Mehrunes Dagon.

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The Cause features a lot of Oblivion nostalgia, including Mythic Dawn robes, the presence of Oblivion Gates, and callbacks to the finale of the fourth Elder Scrolls entry. More than any other creation in Skyrim Anniversary Edition, The Cause has some serious implications for the Elder Scrolls series if Bethesda considers these official addons to be canon.


How To Start The Cause

Skyrim Anniversary The Cause Quest Courier

The Cause starts similarly to many Skyrim Anniversary Quests - through a letter. Rather than talking to an NPC who can only respond with default voice lines, though, the trusty Courier delivers this quest starter. However, the Courier will only deliver the letter that starts The Cause once the Dragonborn reaches at least Level 46 and appears to only spawn in major Holds.

Once the quest has started, the player is directed to the Shrine of Stendarr, where they meet a pair of Mythic Dawn cultists who attempt to assassinate the player. This creation takes players into an Ayleid ruin straight out of Cyrodiil and eventually leads them to the Deadlands itself.

The Mythic Dawn And The Oblivion Crisis

Skyrim Anniversary The Cause Quest Oblivion Gate

The Mythic Dawn cult was central to the plot of Oblivion whose members worship Mehrunes Dagon, the Daedric Prince of Destruction and Revolution. It was founded by Mankar Camoran after Dagon granted him the Mysterium Xarxes, an artifact of dark knowledge. The Mythic Dawn assassinated Emperor Uriel Septim VII at the beginning of Oblivion, spurring the Oblivion Crisis.

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The Oblivion Crisis was one of the most deadly events in the history of Tamriel as Oblivion Gates opened up all across the continent. To put a very long story short, the heir to the throne Martin Septim sacrificed himself to merge with Akatosh, the God of Time, in order to banish Mehrunes Dagon from Nirn forever. The Cause reveals what the Mythic Dawn has been up to since its near-total defeat hundreds of years before Skyrim.

Oblivion-Themed Weapons, Items, And A Mount

Skyrim Anniversary The Cause Quest Weapon Daedric Horse

The Cause adds a variety of Daedric and Cyrodiilic items alike, including a new Daedric Horse mount earned through a unique questline. Unique weapons in the creation include Torment, a One-Handed Daedric Sword that deals Fire Damage, Scourge, a One-Handed Mace that can banish all but the most powerful Daedra, and The Staff of Ehlno Ede, which shocks enemies while draining their Stamina.

There are also multiple new armor sets in The Cause that are Daedric or inspired by the Mythic Dawn, finally granting players the ability to role-play as a member of the Cult. It also adds three new unique ingredients, including Bloodgrass, Harrada, and Spiddal Stick, as well as a variety of lorebooks and notes that go into further detail on the Cult's actions.

An Ayleid Ruin And The Deadlands

Skyrim Anniversary The Cause Quest Ayleid Ruin

The Cause adds a lot of throwbacks to Oblivion, but most of it is related to the Mythic Dawn and Dagon. The creation also adds an Ayleid Ruin, the first of its kind players can visit in Skyrim, which featured prominently during the main questline. The Ayleid Ruin of Rielle is home to a number of unique items, including Varla Stones if the Rare Curios creation is also installed.

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Being a Mehrunes Dagon-tied creation, though, it wouldn't be complete without being able to visit the Daedric Prince's personal plane of Oblivion. The Cause has a short section towards the end where players visit the Deadlands – if you're an Elder Scrolls Online fan, it might be fun to compare the Deadlands as they appear in Skyrim and ESO, as the realm is completely new to both.

Questlines in The Cause

Skyrim Anniversary The Cause Questlines

There are two main questlines in The Cause, being the eponymous quest The Cause and the following quest The Consequences. Without getting into spoiler territory, what happens at the end of these two questlines has some very interesting implications for the future of Tamriel.

The Cause begins when a Courier delivers the questline's associated letter after reaching Level 46 and takes place in Skyrim. The Consequences follows the conclusion of this first part of the narrative, taking the player to the Deadlands to put a stop to the Mythic Dawn's plans. It does not appear that there are any side quests offered with this creation, though that doesn't mean it's lacking in content.

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