One of the best parts of watching the My Hero Academia anime is being introduced to the large variety of unique and exciting villains. The series' heroes are faced with antagonists of many different types, with all kinds of disturbing motives and powerful quirks. Some My Hero Academia villains are only in the show for an episode or two, while others cause chaos throughout the entire series.

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The franchise is fantastic at setting the tone for how each antagonist will affect the hero society through their initial debuts. The best My Hero Academia villain introductions vary in their jaw-dropping chill factor, with some bad guys easily triumphing over others.

9 Himiko Toga and Dabi

Dabi and Toga being recruited

These two villains were recruited to the League of Villains at the same time, making their character introductions at the same time in the manga and anime. Shigaraki is immediately turned off by the pair, referring to them as a mean guy and a crazy school girl. Their intros show off how strange and dangerous they can be, with Dabi being calculated and unafraid of the villain group and Toga being unnaturally blood-thirsty and desperate to kill. Their introductions are much tamer than some of the other villains in the group.


8 Twice

Twice bleeding without mask My Villain Academia

Twice makes his first appearance during UA's summer camp out in the woods. As the League of Villains are ambushing the students, Dabi is encountered by Eraserhead. The two battle for a quick moment before Eraserhead is able to tackle Dabi to the ground, resulting in Dabi dissolving into nothing. He was a clone all along! The creator of the clone is revealed to be Twice, a new addition to the League. He is instantly identified as a quirky and comical character with a lot of charm and a very handy quirk. The Dabi clone plot twist was a great way to introduce Twice and his quirk.

7 Kyudai Garaki

Doctor Garaki in doctor's office My Hero Academia

Garaki is the evil doctor and right hand man to All for One. Though he speaks with Tomura Shigaraki through a radio transmission during the Leagues mulitple schemes, he is is formally introduced much later in the series. This creepy scientist experiments on human beings and creates Nomu for violent purposes.

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The scariest part of his introduction is that viewers have seen Garaki from the very first episode of the entire series, for he is the doctor that diagnosed Deku as being quirkless. Fans theorize that Deku actually had a quirk and Garaki helped All for One steal it when he was only 4. Whether this is true or not, it's still horrifying to think such an evil man was working as a doctor for children!

6 Stain

Hero Killer Stain ready to attack

The terrifying Hero Killer, Stain, is first introduced after defeating Iida's brother, Ingenium. The murderer stands atop a tall building, looking over Hosu City with a disgust for heroes. Seeing Iida's pain and grief after seeing his brother near dead following his encounter with Stain makes this villain's introduction truly bone chilling. Stain is simply an evil man who wants to kill as many heroes as he can, based on his own sense of "worthiness", making him a villain that stands out from the rest of the ones in My Hero Academia.

5 Overhaul

Overhaul Chisaki with mask in alleyway

The main villain of Season 4 is Kai Chisaki, or Overhaul. He is the leader of the Shie Hassaikai and wants the League of Villains to join him in his plan to bring chaos and take over the prevailing hero society. His very first encounted with the League quickly leads to the death of one of the members, Magne, who lashed out and attacked him. Overhaul simply touched her and she evaporated into air. His power was debuted in such a horrifying and violent way, fully conveying that Overhaul was about to be the next big bad villain in the series.

4 Tomura Shigaraki

Tomura Shigaraki without hand mask, glowing in light

Being the main antagonist of the entire series, Tomua Shigaraki's introduction was unsuspecting, thrilling, and a huge surprise for the UA students and viewers alike. When Class 1-A and pro-heroes Thirteen and Eraserhead enter the USJ, they are ambushed by the League of Villains, Shigaraki being their leader.

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As he is being fought off by the teachers, he reveals his disturbing quirk, Decay. With only the touch of a hand, Shigaraki can decay a person or thing into dust. He shows off his unbridled rage, blood lust, and childlike anger towards All Might and the hero society during his MHA debut.

3 Hood

Hood Nomu fighting Endeavor and Hawks

This is the most intelligent and strongest Nomu that the heroes have seen in the series so far. When Endeavor and Hawks are meeting in private, the window of their building is suddenly smashed into by Hood. He blazes in ready to kill Endeavor, not holding back his terrifying need to murder the No.1 hero. This Nomu battle was so intense and caused a huge blow to the hero society image, and it revealed that some Nomu can have personalities and intellect. Hood's unexpected battle was a great way to introduce the creepy villain.

2 Re-Destro

ReDestro with black quirk marks on face

My Hero Academia isn't afraid to show how evil and cruel the villains in the series can be, and Re-Destro's introduction in the series proves just that. The President of the Detnerat Company is first seen speaking to one of his employees in his office. When he asks the employee about the teachings of Destro, the leader of the Meta Liberation Army, the employee replies with hard criticism and a distaste for Destro. This results in Re-Destro grabbing the employee and squeezing him fatally hard, snapping his neck in his grip, then casually mourning his death after. He is instantly painted as a heartless, ruthless leader with no hesitation getting what he wants.

1 All For One

All for One with destroyed face

After being enrolled at UA for a few weeks, All Might finally reveals the truth behind One For All and how All For One is a villain that Deku may have to face in the future. AFO's back story is truly disturbing, and it is only made worse when the antagonist makes his first actual debut in person during his battle against All Might in Kamino. He is unbelievably strong and has endless quirks, making him nearly impossible to beat.

Of course, All Might was able to defeat him with the power of One For All, but it resulted in him losing the inherited quirk forever. The entire Kamino battle was such a mind blowing thrill, making AFO's formal introduction the most insane one in the series.

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