There are always tremendous amounts of locations to be found in any given game from The Elder Scrolls series. Tamriel is so packed full of magical, interesting events and places that it's difficult to peer under a stone and not find a quest or quirky character.

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However, some are not marked on the map in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim and require a bit of exploration in the wilderness to fully discover their wonder. Eastmarch, making up a chunk of land to the far east of Skyrim and touching the border with neighboring Morrowind, is a place full of ancient history steeped in natural beauty.


Eldergleam Sanctuary Treasure Crate

box with some soul gems and a book lying on top from skyrim

Those who have cleared the Eldergleam Sanctuary south of Windhelm likely believe they have scoured the area for loot, though some treasures have been sneakily tucked away a fair distance from the proper location. If one heads east from the sanctuary entrance, they can clamber up the rocky doorway to find a crate with some loot just ripe for the picking.

Those interested in Enchanting will be particularly pleased to find some free soul gems as well as a book titled "A Tragedy in Black", which will raise the Dragonborn's Enchanting skill when read.

Mara's Eye Stones

spriggan approaching the player in skyrim

To the southwest of Windhelm, one can find a lovely lake known as Mara's Eye Pond. After a pleasant bask near its shoreline, if one heads south, they will stumble across Mara's Eye Stones. This location houses some neat stone structures that likely predate much of modern Nord civilization in the province.

Though, don't get too distracted by the megaliths and lintels as this refuge for nature is guarded by spriggan earth mothers and spriggan matrons.

Witchmist Sulphur Pool

greenish above ground raised pools or sulphur in skyrim

Traveling northeast from the creepy Witchmist Grove, one will find a set of raised plateaus full of sulfur. If stumbled upon in real life, many would plug their nose and give this landmark a wide berth. However, due to the scarcity of such natural structures, they can make exploring Skyrim a bit more visually diverse.

Others think so as well, for giants and mammoths often appear here. If one is in need of the kinds of loot dropped by the aforementioned organisms, they should remember this locale since new giants and mammoths spawn here approximately every three in-game days.

Steamcrag Hillock's Shrine To Akatosh

altar with a prayer statue depicting akatosh from skyrim

Northeast from Mistwatch Fort, atop a rocky outcropping, there lies a shrine to Akatosh. This one differs a bit from other altars, as it is ringed by strange stones and guarded by a few skeletons. However, 'guarded' may be a bit generous, as the skeletons that attack the player here will go limp after a short period of time when their necromancy spell dissipates.

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It is unclear who or what cast the Raise Dead spell to do this in the first place. Strangely, very few other skeletal enemies in the game that appear without an accompanying necromancer act like this. The most notable loot that can be found here is an Alteration skill book that grants the player the Breathing Water spell. Handy, but feels pretty irrelevant to the surroundings.

Cronvangr Summoning Altar

necromancers performing magic at an altar upon a corpse in a misty area in skyrim

After accomplishing one's goals at Bonestrewn Crest, it is possible to bump into some necromancers in the middle of a ritual if the Dragonborn ambles northwest. Two black-robed mages can be found reading from their grimoires in an attempt to raise a couple of draugrs resting upon an altar above a flooded barrow.

When interrupted, they instantly become hostile to the approaching player. After slaying them and looting their corpses, one should not be too quick to leave the scene, as there is some prime loot hidden in the water of the soiled hot springs. There are remains to be pilfered under the subtle blue-green waves as well as burial urns and a chest.

Craddlecrush Pond's Shrine Of Talos

shrine of talos skyrim eastmarch

Here's a picturesque shrine located a short way northeast of Craddlecrush Rock's giant camp. It stands out from others in that a statue of Talos rests atop a few carved Nordic stone heads. At the base of a rocky cliff and by a flowing stream, this area would not be a bad place for a picnic.

Along with some armor that can be looted, there is a book for increasing one's Heavy Armor skill as well as a chest located not too far to the right of the Talos statue.

The Mournful Giant

a sad giant looking at the dead body of their mammoth friend. A sad sight from skyrim.

It is not often that the Dragonborn is given a reason to empathize with potential adversaries, as most prompts by the game insist upon slaying anything and everything in one's path. Directly east of the lake that is just north of Mistwatch Fort, the player will encounter another small body of water. However, this one is a bit more tragic, as the body of a dead mammoth can be found beneath the sad gaze of a lone giant.

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It is not explained what happened here, but this mournful giant is one of the very few that won't turn hostile when approached peacefully. It's moments like these that remind the player that giants and mammoths are not that different from human NPCs and their beloved companions.

Steamcrag Slope's Hunters' Camp

big open camp in eastmarch of skyrim

East of the Steamcrag giant camp, one can spot a human one of similarly generous proportions. As one of the bigger hunter camps to be found in Eastmarch, this one upon the Steamcrag slopes encompasses a simple stable with two horses and a wagon, multiple tents, a firepit, as well as a mammoth carcass in the process of being butchered.

Besides the common loot that can be found here, players can also happen across some corundum ore and a book titled "The Legendary Sancre Tor", which increases the Dragonborn's Two-Handed skill when read.

Windhelm Plateau's Hunters' Camp

attack of a frost troll on a mountain path

Here's another notable hunter camp, though this one should be approached for vastly different reasons than the previous unmarked location. East of the Windhelm Stables, a little ways past Brandy-Mug Farm, one will discover a seemingly average camp of human NPCs.

When the player gets within a certain range, a frost troll will spawn with a strong likelihood of attacking the camp without any provocation whatsoever. The Dragonborn could help the hunters out...or sit back and enjoy the show as nature's wrath descends upon them.

Lucky Lorenz's Shack

small wooden shack smashed to pieces by a fallen tree by a stream in skyrim.

With a hilariously inappropriate name, Luck Lorenz's Shack is a great place to visit for its uniqueness as well as some neat treasure that can be uncovered. This locale can be found by heading south from Craddlecrush Rock, alongside a river bend below a small waterfall.

In the remains of a smashed hut that has been completely wrecked by a fallen tree, the Dragonborn can find copies of the books "Rislav the Righteous" which grants a Light Armor skill-up as well as the always alluring "The Lusty Argonian Maid, Volume One". If one digs a bit deeper, they will also discover Lorenz's dead body, which holds Treasure Map IX: a lead on some more excellent loot.

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