It goes without saying that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is one of the most legendary games of all time, and one need only look at its legacy to understand why this is the case. Bethesda Studios definitely met the hype — and more — after releasing a title that is widely considered by many to be one of the greatest open-world games of all time.

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The game has been released on pretty much every system imaginable, so more and more gamers are able to try out a game that has attained such critical and commercial acclaim over the past decade. That being said, people who are just trying out an Elder Scrolls game could possibly be overwhelmed with the sheer number of options at their disposal. So, keeping this in mind, here are a few tips for these beginners, so that their start isn't all that rocky.


Updated April 15th, 2021 by Ritwik Mitra: Skyrim's staying power in the gaming landscape is truly impressive. One need only look at the sheer level of people who are still getting into the game to this day to understand how beloved and popular this game really is. For all these beginners who want their new game to be as optimal as possible, here are a number of tips and tricks to keep in mind. Following these pointers will ensure that players don't end up getting stuck between a rock and a hard place early on.

Start Amassing A Fortune

Skyrim Character in a house of money

The first and foremost thing to be noted in Skyrim is that the player can take and sell pretty much anything at their disposal. Near the start of the game when money is a pressing requirement, it becomes imperative to abuse this system and clear out merchants so that monetary problems don't come in the way of the player's enjoyment.

Whether this is done by looting bandit caves or stealing from innocents, rest assured that the end result will more than make up for the moral ramifications of the player's actions.

Don't Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

Giant and some Mammoths in Skyrim PS4

That being said, raiding and stealing can only be done to an extent. After a point, the player needs to ensure that they don't end up falling prey to their own greed.

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A great example of this are the Giants. While it might seem tantalizing to take on these massive enemies and loot everything they possess, keep in mind that lower-level players will be wiped out in one shot from these imposing foes.

Quicksaving Is Of The Essence

Draugr Death Overlord in Skyrim

That being said, there's no denying the fact that people should definitely experience everything in Skyrim at least once before settling upon the safest course of action. That is part of the magic, after all.

Make sure to quicksave before heading towards certain doom. This can even include exploring dangerous locations in general, especially at lower levels. There's no greater frustration than losing progress because of a poorly thought-out decision, or a highly challenging enemy ambush that came out of nowhere.

Stealth Is Your Best Friend

Stealth in Skyrim

Thankfully, not every combat encounter needs to be faced head-on — a player who wants to be silent but deadly can do the same by abusing Skyrim's stealth system.

The fact that most people end up becoming a stealth archer a few hours into their playthrough is a meme for all the right reasons. It's just way easier to wipe out scores of enemies without even revealing oneself.

Diversify Your Combat Skills

Combat in Skyrim

That being said, being a stealth archer isn't the only skill that should be at a player's disposal. Skyrim's combat isn't exactly its most engaging part, so players should try to maximize their fun by utilizing everything in their arsenal.

There are plenty of ways to fight whether it be in the form of dual-wielding weapons or a mix of magic and melee. There's enough diversity in Skyrim to satisfy fans who are hard to please in this department.

Never Stop Exploring Every Nook And Cranny Of The Map

Skyrim Official Map Of The Province

Some might argue that exploring Skyrim early on might not be the greatest idea in the world, due to dangerous enemies. However, only by doing this will the player actually grow and fall in love with Skyrim.

Even if there is anything in the world that is level-gated, rest assured that the player will have ample time to come back to these spots. In doing so, they'll discover what they couldn't before.

Use Horses To Climb Steep Cliffs

Horse in Skyrim

There are times when players will be exploring the map, only to stumble upon a rather steep terrain. Such areas may simply not be traversable, regardless of how hard people try to jump their way through it.

In these moments, it's better to bring a horse that can traverse these cliffs with greater ease. Just keep in mind that one mistimed jump can lead to the player's doom. This is is why players are better off quicksaving frequently while trying to cross these treacherous steep cliffs.

Use (But Don't Abuse) The Fast Travel Mechanic

some dwarven ruins above ground in a rocky hill

Exploring the map can be exhilarating. However, there are times when walking around can prove quite boring after a while.

Thankfully, this boredom can be averted by using the fast travel mechanic to quicken the pace of any main or side quests that the player might be in the middle of. Just remember that Skyrim is still a game that focuses on exploration. Abusing the fast travel mechanic can definitely take away from the overall experience.

Sprinting Economically Is The Best Way To Travel Quickly

Player sprinting down a road in Skyrim

While it's great to travel on a horse, most people would be traveling on foot in Skyrim. This makes it imperative to optimize foot travel, and avoid getting frustrated with the limited speed of this movement.

There's a simple solution here — sprinting. However, this doesn't mean players should sprint mindlessly. Instead, players should stop their sprints right before the stamina bar depletes so that players can recover their stamina quickly. This allows them to start another sprint without wasting too much time.

Don't Ignore The Effect Of Potions

many different potions on a table.

Potions are the unsung hero of Skyrim. Glugging down one of these concoctions can provide a huge array of useful benefits.

While players might be more than familiar with the restorative Potions, one shouldn't ignore the wealth of other potions. These can help turn the tide of battle or get rid of any other pesky blockades in the player's way.

Never Stay Stagnant When It Comes To Equipment

Guild Masters Armor Set - Skyrim Best Rare Armor

As is the case with any RPG, the loot that the player gets can prove to be infinitely valuable in the world of Skyrim. It vastly improves their chances of surviving a particularly tough encounter.

So, it only goes without saying that players should ideally ensure that they never fall behind the equipment curve and are always decked out for any possible situation. Plus, the player often looks way cooler with upgraded pieces of equipment.

Don't Grab Everything In Sight

Double Dawnbreakers in Skyrim

As is the case with most RPGs, Skyrim features a weight limit. This can get rather annoying to manage at times. For people who don't want their loot to slow them down at inopportune moments, there's a simple solution.

Players should carefully pick and choose the items that they want to carry around. Not only will this prevent the player from carrying useless items, but it'll also allow them to loot more items in their journeys before getting over-encumbered.

Talk To Maramal At The Temple Of Mara To Marry Someone

How To Marry in Skyrim

Skyrim is a place full of opportunities. The Dragonborn can even get married if they wish. However, the process can be slightly confusing for new players. Simply go to the Temple of Mara in Riften and talk to the priest Maramal. After a brief conversation, the player can ask how to get married. Maramal will disclose the details before offering an Amulet of Mara to the player. While wearing this amulet, players can approach certain characters with whom they have a positive disposition, to ask for their hand in marriage.

Players can secure the Amulet of Mara through other mean. However, they must have the conversation with Maramal in order to unlock the option for marriage.

Discover Every Single Questline Possible

Waking Nightmare Quest from Skyrim

A big part of what makes Skyrim so special is the sheer number of quests the player can get lost in. So, it only goes without saying that the main quest — while important — should not be the priority all the time.

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This is why it's important for players to discover as many side quests as possible to freshen up the overall experience and make it actually seem like they're adventuring across these Nordic lands.

Get Mods That Fit In With A Vanilla Experience

Skyrim Mod Nakahara

But of course, it would be impossible to talk about Skyrim without mentioning the whole host of mods that elevate the overall experience to quite an extent.

That being said, keep in mind that some mods can certainly end up changing the overall game just a tad too much for most people's liking. If the player is trying out Skyrim for the first time, it's imperative to not fall off the deep end. Don't download so many mods that the game becomes utterly unrecognizable from what it used to be.

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